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Stain Pad Sponge (3-pack)

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We Believe that Every Project Deserves the Perfect Finish, the NEW Stain Sponge is our solution!

The Stain Sponge is a 1 inch thick sponge applicator pad wrapped in a microfiber cloth. The Stain Sponge has all the features of the Stain Pad, but is reusable and one-size so you don't need to cut it down. It is a reusable alternative to bristle brushes, provides better durability than a foam brush, and more control than a shop towel or rag. It is perfect for furniture, cabinets, trim, cutting boards, bowls and any fine woodworking project.

  • Stain Sponge is 1 inch thick, to hold more stain and allow greater coverage for larger or flat projects. The thick sponge allows for projects that require scrubbing, while still allowing a buttery smooth application and clean finish every time.
  • Stain Sponge is designed to be one size so you don't need to cut it. The applicator measures 3" x 4" x 1" thick and has rounded edges for splatter-free dipping into a 1 quart can.
  • May be used with all wood finishes and sealers. (Gel Stain, Wax, Water or Oil Based finishes and Stains, Polyurethane, Hardening Oils, Shellac, Varnish)
  • Stain Sponge works on any wood surface. Unlike terrycloth pads, Stain Pad's loop-free material resists snagging on rough surfaces—ideal for distressed or reclaimed wood projects.
  • Stain Sponge’s thick foam core absorbs, holds, and evenly releases stain providing a smooth, consistent, streak-free finish with reduced need for reloading. The impermeable center membrane lets you apply finish with one side and use the other side to wipe off excess for perfect depth of color and a smooth finish.
  • The outer layer won’t leave lint, fuzz or bristles in your finish.
  • After you finish with your applicator, you can wash it with soap and warm water and reuse it for your next project.



At 3" x 4" x 1" thick, the Stain Sponge is the only stain applicator designed to fit into a one-quart stain can. With rounded corners eliminate splatter when removed from the can.


The foam core and “micro-brush” outer layer apply even pressure and provide a streak-free application with less reloading. Simply wipe-on, wipe-smooth, and walk away. Unlike rags that bunch up and provide uneven pressure, Stain Pad provides even, consistent pressure throughout the application surface leaving a smooth, streak free application every time.


Unlike terrycloth, Stain Pad’s loop-free material resists snagging and won’t leave fuzz, lint or bristles in your finish*. This is the perfect solution for finishing distressed and reclaimed wood products. Just apply in even strokes and watch as Stain Pad glides over even the roughest wood. *Proper cleaning required.


The one-inch-thick foam core is separated by a waterproof center layer preventing the finish from soaking through the sponge. This two-sided design allows Stain Sponge to load, store and release stain with one side, leaving the other side clean to remove excess finish.


Stain Pad may be used with oil-based finishes and sealers. (Wax, Gel Stain, Oil Stains, Varnish, Hardening Oils and Wipe-on-Polyurethane).


User Guide

  • 1. Open resealable package from the bottom
  • Place unused sponges back in resealable package to keep clean
  • Hold with one hand and use the rounded edge for application.
  • Load one side of the rounded end of the pad.
  • Apply in brush-like strokes across your project.
  • Use the other side to wipe smooth or remove excess stain.
  • If wanting to reuse, clean with soap and water and set out to dry.
  • If wanting to dispose, clean with soap and water and allow applicator to fully dry away from combustibles prior to disposal.