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MāKRS was born from the shared passion of a father and son, who found delight in the simple act of “making sawdust”. The lessons from my father taught me that the essence of life is rooted in the time spent with others, pursuing a common goal. This philosophy is deeply ingrained in everything we do at MāKRS. Our products are designed to make “Making” more accessible and enjoyable, with most of them being solutions to problems we’ve encountered in our own workshop. These solutions are then refined and perfected through valuable feedback from our community of makers. 


At MāKRS, we celebrate the spirit of innovation and collective wisdom. We take pride in being a company that’s by makers for makers. In an era where everything seems to be more about prestige than progress, we choose to stand apart. Making is everywhere and we support makers of all types and at all skill levels. There is no superior style and creativity has no hierarchy. When it comes to tools, we believe in simplicity, quality and durability and that tools are meant to be used, not just displayed. 


Our mission is simple: We create innovative products that make woodworking more accessible and enjoyable. 


We create tools that are made to be used, not just admired. 

We prioritize people over profits. 

We ensure the environment is considered before cost. 

We stand behind everything we do. 

What does this mean for you? 

1. We are dedicated to creating innovative products that make woodworking easier, more enjoyable, and accessible to all. Our products are designed for use, not just for show. This means we focus on maximizing accuracy, durability, and innovation while minimizing cost. 


2. We care about our community and we support those who support others.


3. We strive to limit unnecessary or non-recyclable packaging. We aim for efficiency in manufacturing and transportation and commit to using reputable manufacturers and sustainable materials. 


4. If you purchase a product from MāKRS and find yourself unsatisfied, reach out to us. We’ll work with you to solve the problem or take the product back.
If you happen to break one of our products (even if it’s your fault), simply send it back and we’ll replace it at cost.