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I just bought the thick pack last week at ‘our’ store, because I’m currently making a chessboard, and needed for finishing with General Finishes Hard Wax Oil and Hardner. I was waiting on the code, but just went ahead and bought it anyway. I used them a few days ago, and love them. I will def buy more! Think I will like the thinner version of these, which is what I ordered.
Tracey, Used Double Thick Stain Pad - bought from Rockler
I have been VERY pleased with the finished results I've achieved using the Stain Pad. I used them for applying stain and polyurethane on a set of kitchen cabinets I built. I like the ability to cut the pad to my desired size. After I cut the pad I use a piece of painters tape to remove the fuzzy bits and pieces. Remember to clean off the fuzzy bits before you use the pad or the fuzzy bits will end up on your work piece. Highly recommend the Stain Pad. 5 stars !
The Poplar Shop
They have been INCREDIBLE! Even my microfiber rags sometimes leave streaks, or after they’ve been washed a lot, they ball up and don’t apply stain as smooth. So far i’ve tested these on stains and for my paint wash, and they’ve been amazing. After I did the paint wash I actually rinsed it out (water based paint), and it looked brand new.
I tried the stain pad today with my paint and stain wash and I love it! You get the best of both worlds with the foam and fabric. I typically use a cut of an old t-shirt and this is so much better.
Smooth as butter application!

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For as long as I can remember, my Dad and I have been making saw dust (furniture) together. We spend hundreds of hours designing, building, (redesigning), and sanding our furniture. When it finally came time to put the finish on, we reached for the old “rag bag”.

This usually ended up in frustration, lots of wasted product, and generally a less professional finish than we would have liked. We have tried bristle brushes, foam brushes.....

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